Please find below our terms and conditions. We pledge to
abide by these to safeguard your property and possessions
and give you 100% peace of mind.

Your obligations
•   To instruct your S4 Facility Management cleaner in the use of your equipment, and to provide materials
   fit for the job.
•   To be clear and specific about how you want your premises to be cleaned, highlighting any particular
   needs to your S4 Facility Management cleaner. 
•   To provide a safe working environment for your S4 Facility Management cleaner, e.g safe electrical appliances,
   securely fixed cupboards, shelves etc.
•   To provide your S4 Facility Management cleaner with full access to all areas to be cleaned, at the agreed times.
•   To pay your S4 Facility Management cleaner promptly for all cleaning hours provided.
•   To pay your S4 Facility Management standing order/direct debit promptly.

During the period of this agreement and for a period of 12 months after the termination of this agreement, the
client will not employ any staff that have been employed by S4 Facility Management. S4 Facility Management reserves the right to claim any damages, loss of earnings, recruitment costs, training costs and any court costs
where appropriate, subject to a minimum of £250.

Health & safety
In order to protect our employees, S4 Facility Management cleaner are instructed not to enter an environment they consider to be unsafe, dangerous to health, or inoperable for any reason, but are instructed to withdraw from the
premises and to report the problem. In this event the customer will be charged 100% of the cost of the booking.
If the cleaning is rescheduled (after the environment has been rendered safe), the customer will be charged
a fee equivalent to 50% of the cost of the original booking.

*Insurance & security
S4 Facility Management are fully insured for public liability to protect your premises.

Our accidental damage insurance is subject to an excess of £250. We do not provide cover for accidental damage for the first £250 of any loss. Please make your own insurance arrangements for the excess.

We will treat your premises with the greatest of care. Please inform us of any items that are irreplaceable, so that
we can make special arrangements for care.

We have stringent securities measures for all S4 Facility Management cleaners to adhere to regards key holding and alarm security codes. In essence, keys will never be sent through the post, names and addresses will never be written on keys or key fobs, keys will never be passed to anyone other than the owners or other S4 Facility Management staff, and alarm codes will not be shared with any other individual.

In the event of you being dissatisfied with the service you have received from S4 Facility Management, you should
contact the S4 Facility Management office within four days. S4 Facility Management will endeavour to ensure that all your concerns and complaints are resolved quickly and amicably.

In the event of damage or loss as a result of negligence, the liability of S4 Facility Management shall be limited (at S4 Facility Management discretion) to repair or the replacement cost of the item, taking into account its age and condition. S4 Facility Management shall not in any event be liable for any loss of profit or consequential loss.

S4 Facility Management will not be liable for any damage, accidents or injuries caused by third parties.

As cleaning products are supplied by you the customer, you will be responsible for any damage caused by those products. S4 Facility Management will not be held liable.

Equal opportunities
S4 Facility Management is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We recruit our employees on the basis of their ability
to do the job and aim to ensure that all employees are treated equally regardless of ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, nationality, sexual orientation or disability.

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