Recruitment is one of the key ingredients in supplying a first class service. We recruit carefully and
responsibly, mindful of the legislation on anti-discrimination and mindful of rules governing foreign workers.

We spend thousands of pounds every year on recruiting from the best sources, and employing cleaners who
have the relevant experience or willingness to learn. We totally understand how our decision making in this
regard determines who enters our clients’ premises, and we therefore do our very best to employ operatives
of good character.

Most foreign cleaners have to undertake a language test to evaluate their understanding of basic health and
safety matters. We have stringent procedures in obtaining proof of ID before anyone can start work, along
with the necessary proof of nationality.

All newly recruited S4 Facility Management staff undergo thorough training, so that they are aware of the
relevant risk assessments, holiday procedures, disciplinary procedures, and all other procedures outlined
in our Employment Guide.

Want to work for S4 Facility Management?

We look for reliable people with a 'can-do' attitude.

If you think you could make a positive contribution to S4 Facility Management, please send an email to with your CV and a brief letter outlining the type of work and area you are looking for.